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In order to schedule your move we require a deposit. The deposit holds the day. Should you need to reschedule your move, we require a 5 business day notice. (Monday-Friday)  If you change your move date within 5 business days of your move, you forfeit your deposit.

  • Make sure that item are packed in sealed boxes or containers. It takes a lot longer to move loose items rather than stackable items. 
  • Make sure that you remember to pack up lamps. All lamps must be packed in boxes, even floor lamps. These boxes are available at Uhaul, as well as other places that sell moving boxes. 
  • Make sure that you are present during your move. We want to make sure that we get everything you want if everything is not going, and also that we place things where you would like them. The customer is responsible for doing walk through of their home before the truck leaves to make sure everything has been loaded. When the truck arrives to be unloaded at the new home the customer should stand near the entrance to where the truck is being unloaded and tell each employee where each item is being placed within the house when the items are being carried in. The customer is also responsible for doing a walk through at the end of the move to make sure everything is where they would like it, as well as look in the truck when the move is completed to ensure nothing has been left on the truck. 
  • Soliman Movers and More is not liable for the movement of marble, granite, slate, and other similar porous materials. We will move these pieces, and protect them with blankets and shrink wrap. Due to the nature of the material they are extremely fragile, breaking very easily.
  • We only move televisions that are in TV boxes. If you do not have a box for your tv please let us know, we stock and sell them.


  • Glass items should be in boxes. I.e. wall pictures, lamps, etc. Glass table tops should be boxed just like wall art or picture frames.

Some glass table tops are very large and should be crated prior to moving. Custom crating could be done with us however it may get costly. If you prefer to blanket wrap this and have it put in between mattresses or strapped to the wall, should it break we will not be held liable.


  • We are in Upstate NY, the capital of rain and snow. We cannot control the weather, or move furniture without shoes. Customer's are responsible to prepare for protection of flooring within the home. We suggest going to Lowe’s or Home Depot and buying Rosin Paper. It is located in the hardwood flooring section The paper can be laid with masking tape throughout the walk area of the house for added protection of carpet and hardwood floor.. They also have carpet protective film. Both products are fairly inexpensive
  • Flat rate vs Hourly rated moves. 

Soliman Movers and More does not offer a flat rate service for moving anything more than 1 item. All of our moves are hourly rated as it is the most fair way for yourself and us ( The movers) to do business together. 

The hourly rate we charge is based on the number of men and trucks we send you. Our trucks are 26' with a 6' attic of additional space. Time begins when the movers arrive, and ends when your move is complete. All driving between locations is on the clock. We charge a fee for travel that gets us to the first location, and back from the end location. For specific pricing please call us for an obligation free phone consultation. 


  • Storage in transit.

Sometimes you have to do it. It is best to avoid storing your items overnight on the truck. It adds more time in most cases, and there is a fee. We will not hold anything longer than overnight being unloaded first thing the next morning. 


  • Do not try to downplay your move and fail to disclose heavy items such as pianos, safes, fireproof filing cabinets, etc. These items require special handing and there is a fee. 


  • Estimates. 

During this never ending pandemic we have been doing photo estimates. It is what we would see if we were to physically go look at your items being shipped. You could either email the information to or text the photos to 315-430-3771. Make sure to include both addresses, and stops, and your desired move date. 


​* Tipping

A lot of customers ask about tipping. You do tip the person that brings you your food right? The  movers lift things that are a lot heavier than plates. =) 



It is important that you fully understand how much the mover is responsible for in the event your goods are lost or damaged. This is governed by the valuation statement on order for service and the bill of lading.

Protection up to but not exceeding 30 cents per pound per article at no extra cost - This ordinarily does not provide protection for your goods. For example, if a wood night stand weighing 50 pounds is lost or damage, you will not be able to collect more than $15 no matter how valuable it was. If you wish to choose this option, you must write "30 cents per pound" in the valuation statement of the order for service and bill of lading.

If you wish to be paid depreciated value for lost or damaged items, you must declare a lump sum value for the entire shipment and pay an extra charge (50 cents per $100 valuation) depending on the value of declaration. This can be accomplished by two methods:

A. You may simply not declare a value or sign the valuation statement in the bill of lading. In that case, the mover's maximum liability is set at $2,500 for which you will pay a charge of $12.50. This is for depreciated value.

B. You may enter in the appropriate part of the bill of lading a lump sum valuation which you consider adequate to cover your shipment but not less than $2,500. You will be charged 50 cents per $100 for this higher valuation. This again is for depreciated value.

We reserve the right to photograph each item, to test electronics and to inspect items as needed, all at the prevailing hourly rate.

We are not liable for damage to items packed and prepared by the customer unless there is visible damage to the outside of the box.

In the event of damage, items will be replaced or repaired, at our discretion.


Sometimes we want certain items in  a room that is tricky to get the item into, or a tight fit. The crew will let you know when a certain item might not make it through a certain opening, or stairway safely. If you decide to proceed with this anyways Soliman Movers cannot be held liable for damage to the item or to the property. 


We have not stayed in business for this long by going around breaking people's things. =) 


  • If you are looking to purchase moving insurance we are now affiliated with a 3rd party insurance that can quote and fulfil your insurance needs.





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